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    Why microservices?

    Why Docker?

    • Applications containerized with Docker are independent from infrastructure.
    • The list of dependencies and requirements is stored in a file together with the code (e.g. in version control system).
    • Preparation of the environment (i.e. installation of required packages, libraries) is completely automated. If dockerized applications work locally they will work in production. No more excuses: "It worked fine on my computer.".
    • Despite having those features, Docker practically doesn't impose any overhead since the isolation from infrastructure is achieved by namespaces and not by virtualization.
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    Why Armada?

    • Armada gives you a lot of practical tools and suggested workflows for development, deployment of microservices and migration of legacy applications.
    • With Armada you can quickly create light, disposable microservices, clone entire sets of microservices and seamlessly update them.
    • Clear presentation of running services. They are all visible. No more looking for obscure scripts in crontabs.
    • Separation of configuration from the code.
    • Development environment based on Vagrant.
    • Multiple ways for service-discovery (mini-DNS, local proxy, dynamic querying) - you can choose whichever suits you best.
    • Consistent naming convention (ships, magellan, dockyard, container etc.)
    • Coolest name in microservices world :)

If you want to learn more about Armada features go to Armada Highlights.